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The Most Common SEO Mistakes

Keyword Research SEO Mistakes

3 Common SEO Mistakes: The Most Common SEO Mistakes, Keyword Research SEO Mistakes, Website Content SEO Mistakes, Graphics (images/pictures) SEO MistakesThe biggest mistake you can do while optimizing your website for SEO, is jumping to link-building or any other SEO activity without making any keyword research.

Keyword research will show you the road you should take in order to reach your goal behind your SEO optimization, in fact, it will show you the shortest and quickest road!

While doing your keyword research look at your competitors and see what keywords they are after? and how they are progressing under these keywords? learn from that and do not copy it.

Website Content SEO Mistakes

Once you reach a set of keywords that you should follow in all your SEO activities, your website pages should reflect high relevancy to these keywords.

No matter how beautiful your website design, no matter how informative and readable your current website content is, you can not relay on that and not optimizing your website content towards the set of keywords you need to follow.

It would be very useful if you try looking-up the top search results of each keyword and learn from their content, just learn, do not copy.

Graphics (images/pictures) SEO Mistakes

One picture can say thousands of words! Does it impact SEO? no doubt. Graphics illustrate the message you are trying to send to the website visitor.

One big SEO mistake if you use the wrong (irrelevant) graphics, or not using any graphics at all on your website pages.

Too much graphics, on the other hand, can be disturbing and confusing to the website visitor and might shut some website visitors off completely.

If you would like to examine your website to see if it has any SEO mistakes, reach me through my linked-in profile to help you spot and fix any SEO mistakes on your website!

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