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If I am to share some secret information about website optimization, I would share those common mistakes novice people usually make when they try to optimize their websites. These common mistakes are not being made by only novice people, surprisingly, some SEO professionals make them too.

Avoiding Common SEO Mistakes

Most of these common SEO mistakes can be easily avoided if the person doing the optimization can pay little attention and know the basics. So let’s have a quick look on these common mistakes:

Mistakes of Keyword Research

The biggest mistake one can make in keyword research is; not doing any keyword research!

When you are starting your SEO and internet marketing campaign, you need to plan it and like any trip you are starting you need to know which road you are taking. Keyword research will with no doubt tell you which road you should take on your SEO and internet marketing campaign.

Let’s take a quick example, say you are running a travel agent business in Cairo. If you are a novice then you would decide to optimize your website for “Travel Agent” as your main keyword. True that’s the most relevant keyword to “what you do”, however, have you thought about how many other websites you will have to compete with under this keyword? I mean, similar businesses in all the countries of the world are calling themselves “Travel Agents” too, and many of them probably have been online for decades! You think you can compete with this amount of websites?

If you are little smarter, then you would do your home work, running a keyword and market research, then maybe you would find out that “Travel Agent Cairo” is probably a more suitable keyword for your SEO and internet marketing campaign!

Content Quality Mistakes

In order to optimize a webpage for a certain keyword, you need to make this webpage as much relevant to this keyword as possible. That’s the golder rule, however, like most rules in our life, this rule has some limits and exceptions.

Taking the same example of the “Travel Agent” business, a novice would stuff the keyword probably 10 times in the meta tags and make a bunch of links with the keyword in the footer of the website while leaving no space for an introductory text on the home page.

This could work back in the nineties when search engines were deaf and blind, nowadays, search engines can almost read and understand human language like you do, and so they need to read something informative and unique on your webpages.

Mistakes of Graphics

Many novice people think that search engines never recognize graphics on their websites. Some of them make their websites fully text-free, some others copy images from the web and use them on their websites, and probably some other people just never use images on their websites at all…etc

Graphics are very useful illustration tool, that can effectively help the site visitor understand the message you are trying to send out through your website. True search engines doesn’t FULLY recognize images, however, recently there were some new updates to search engines that enabled it from recognizing the images through its size, color depth, and alternative text “alt tags”.

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