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We need to face it: most of the average website visitors don’t like to read much, and get bored easily. Which means if you don’t have the right mixture of Content (images/videos/text) on your pages you will end up with a high bounce rate and poor conversion rates. One of the most important elements of  [ Read More ]

Яндекс Yandex, the leading Russian search engine, has recently managed to position itself as a strong competitor and possible substitute to Google, specially within eastern Europe countries. As we always knew them, our fellow Russians like to work in deep silence, away of glowing media and camera flashes. And suddenly…BAM, the world wakes up on  [ Read More ]

We now realize the importance of learning about other search engines, before the Google Bubble burst, and before it is too late! The second search engine in row is Bing, as far as I believe! The Microsoft powered search engine has recently shown a great deal of professionalism by revealing some in-depth information about the  [ Read More ]

What if we wake up some day and watch the Google stock price falling from the edge of Wall Street? Couple of days later…BAM, no Google! Can this really happen? How would we market our websites then? And how would SEO work? Think with me for a minute; the search engine business model started before  [ Read More ]

Since the beginning of 2015 Google Webmaster Tools started to send out massive email warnings titled: Fix mobile usability issues found on “yourwebsite”. It was amazingly strange to thousands of website owners who recently redesigned their websites following the latest trends in website usability and making sure their websites are fully responsive and compatible with  [ Read More ]

Since I started working as an SEO, changes have never stopped. Google has always been trying to make it difficult for organic SEO to achieve success away of their paid advertising service. As you may know, Adwords (Google’s paid advertising service) is the number 1 revenue source for Google, and so the more people manage  [ Read More ]

Google is planning to penalize over-optimized doorway pages to minimize their effect on the website ranking. In short, Google will no longer allow doorway pages to rank higher in SERPs because they think they are not written for human, they are more for search engines and so they don’t add unique value. What are Doorway  [ Read More ]

Google has recently increased the direct answers in SERPs for various information categories including dictionaries, scientific definitions, famous places, historical events, celebrities, biographies and even song lyrics! Now when you type any question in Google search, most luckily you will get a direct answer link this one: Not only Google, Bing has also started a  [ Read More ]

Linked-in For Business

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Tips for Optimizing Linked-in For Business Linked-in has incredibly grown over the last decade and become the number 1 network for recruiters, professionals, and businesses to connect and make business on the web. With more than 275 million professionals from 200 countries and 77% of job vacancies posted on Linked-in, you indeed are missing on  [ Read More ]

Google Plus For Business

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Tips for optimizing Google+ for business Google has been trying hard over the past 10 years to be more social, it started by buying MySpace, then developing Google buzz, and finally Google’s efforts started to bear fruit with the emergence of Google+, Google’s social media network. During the course of his social media quest, Google  [ Read More ]

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