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Factors Of Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization CRO; Factors Of Conversion Rate Optimization CRO. Off-page & On-page Factors Of Conversion Rate Optimization.Now that you done your SEO optimization, you set your PPC campaign in place, and allocated the necessary budget. Loads of traffic is coming your way, but wait, how many people out of this huge amount of traffic are really ordering your products or services or inquiring about them?

Conversion Rate is simply the number of people who ordered or inquired about your product or service divided by the total number of your website visitors.

Off-page Factors Of Conversion Rate Optimization

See? Conversion Rate Optimization is the real deal. The quality of your website traffic will determine the conversion rate; If the traffic generated through your internet marketing activities is targeted (your internet marketing activities are set to target an audience who is actually interested in your products and services), you will experience high conversion rate, if not then you have a problem!

On-page Factors Of Conversion Rate Optimization

There are also other on-page factors that can greatly affect your conversion rate, when you are trying to optimize your conversion rate, you need to look at the following factors:

– Is your website’s loading time fast or reasonable?

– Is your website’s design optimized for mobile and tablet view?

– Is your website’s content unique, readable and focused on the product or service?

– Are your graphics well-placed and relevant?

– Is your website’s design user-friendly?

– Are you applying necessary security measures and announcing it on your website?

– Are you up to date with the latest on-page SEO techniques?

If you have doubts about your conversion rate, or would like to run a conversion rate optimization for your website, reach me through my Linked-in profile for a quick help!

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