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4 tips for an effective PPC landing page

Effective PPC Landing PagesOne of the most common PPC mistakes is setting your Pay Per Click ads to land the visitor to your homepage. You probably have invested big dollars in your PPC campaign, however, you are experiencing low return on investment ROI, and the reason is that you are not sending the PPC traffic where is should land.

The PPC landing page is where your prospects or potential clients should go after clicking one of your Pay Per Click ads, and so it has to have some specific features that can help maximize your ROI out of your PPC investment and help you generate sales.

Focus the PPC landing page on the product or service

The content of the PPC landing pages should be to the point and focused on the features and specifications of the product or service you are offering, and should not include very detailed nor irrelevant information, such as history of your company or staff members.

Categorize your PPC landing pages

You should never make one PPC landing page for a large set of products or services that may not be relevant. Try to make a separate PPC landing page for each category or relevant set of products or services you are offering.

Include your contact information

You should make your contact information clearly visible to the visitor of your PPC landing page, some of the visitors might favor calling or contacting for further information before making a purchase, some others may have special requests that can not be fulfilled through the website…etc

Carefully use graphics

You should use graphics in your landing pages with care. The right graphics can help deliver the message quickly, on the other hand, too much graphics can be confusing.

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