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Google has recently increased the direct answers in SERPs for various information categories including dictionaries, scientific definitions, famous places, historical events, celebrities, biographies and even song lyrics!

Now when you type any question in Google search, most luckily you will get a direct answer link this one:

google direct answer

Not only Google, Bing has also started a similar behavior. So how can this impact SEO?

The impact of Google direct answers on SEO

Many song lyrics websites has recently reported huge drops in traffic levels. Song lyrics are mostly licensed information, and it seems that Google is ready to face any court order or pay any fine not to sacrifice this feature! So how could this impact SEO?

  • This feature has already caused many public domain information websites to lose huge traffic, including dictionary websites, song lyrics websites and even celebrity websites, so if you were planning to make a living from any of these types of websites, think twice!
  • On the other hand, some of the answers included a direct link to the source website, which can be a very good source of traffic, although most of these websites were already of a huge authority like Wikipedia and Yelp!
  • This feature has now brought the FAQ pages back to life and some websites reported to rank higher after picking one answer from their FAQ page in Google direct answers.
  • The quality of your content is the only thing that can easily lead it to be a source for Google direct answers!
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