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Tips for optimizing Google+ for business

optimize Google plus for businessGoogle has been trying hard over the past 10 years to be more social, it started by buying MySpace, then developing Google buzz, and finally Google’s efforts started to bear fruit with the emergence of Google+, Google’s social media network.

During the course of his social media quest, Google has always tried to integrate the social media with his search engine results, and it seems to be finally working with Google plus. Now if you publish a story on your Google plus, it will be featured on the first page of Google search results for anyone of your followers who is searching for a related topic to this story you first published.

Below I will try giving you some tips about optimizing your Google+ for business.

Tips For Optimizing Google plus For Business

– Follow the tips I detailed in my previous article “Social Media Marketing Excellence” while trying to optimize your Google+ for business.

– Watch out for other web services that you may have granted access to your Google+, they can post automatically about your usage or activities.

– Create a Google+ page for your business.

– Try to make your Google plus page as visually appealing as possible, use a logo and header image that is branded with your product or service.

– Use a Google+ username that is relevant to your brand or website name.

– Invite your Google plus friends to follow your Google+ business page and ask them to help you promote it by inviting their friends to follow it.

– Invite your email Address book contacts to follow your Google plus business page.

– Post a suitable mix of your blog articles, graphics, and videos to your Google+ page.

– Post stories from your other social media accounts.

– Look at the high trends on Google plus and join in, also join relevant communities & events.

– Include relevant Hashtags in your Google+ posts.

– Display the badge of your Google plus business page your website.

– Connect your Google plus business page with your website, and give your website visitors the ability to +1 your pages.

– Communicate with your clients on Google plus, answer their questions, solve their problems and encourage them to give reviews to your Google+ business page.

If you would like to effectively optimize your Google plus for business, reach me through my Linked-in profile for a quick help!

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