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Since the beginning of 2015 Google Webmaster Tools started to send out massive email warnings titled: Fix mobile usability issues found on “yourwebsite”.

It was amazingly strange to thousands of website owners who recently redesigned their websites following the latest trends in website usability and making sure their websites are fully responsive and compatible with all types and sizes of screens.

If you have a fully responsive website and still got that warning, you are not alone.  So Google, Could you please tell us what you really, really want?


Why Google is sending out the “Google Webmaster Tools Warning: Fix Mobile Usability Issues” even to fully responsive websites?

If you try to think for a sec about the huge number of websites Google has to deal with on a daily basis, you can easily conduct that Google can be too dummy to deal with that gigantic number accurately and effectively with 0% error rate. So if your website was recently redesigned to be fully responsive and you still received this email warning, most probably the warning was addressing your website’s previous status before the redesign!

Google is being too theoretical about these warnings, sometimes you get a warning because Google bot failed to examine one page of your website during a server peak time that caused the page no to load!

In Some other cases Google sends out this email because your website design is missing on one line of code: The viewport meta tag:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

The viewport meta tag is an HTML line used to help the mobile browser detect the current screen size in order to display the suitable version of the website design.

Since 2013 Google has been developing a separate Mobile-friendly Ranking Algorithm to help better index the mobile friendly websites. And so, the more usable and mobile-friendly is your website, the better it will rank in Google Mobile ranking, and vise versa!

There is also a new non-mobile-friendly penalty currently underdevelopment by Google. Once officially released, it will impact the ranking of the non-mobile-friendly websites. So probably Google is trying to minimize the massive effect by raising the awareness ahead with these warning messages.

What do you need to do?

Deal with its seriously, you got nothing to lose. Check the warning message and try to address the problems listed there. If you have received this warning message and your website is non-mobile-friendly, we suggest you take this warning seriously and start converting your website design to a mobile-friendly one. Contact us, we can help you sort this problem out!

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