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Яндекс Yandex, the leading Russian search engine, has recently managed to position itself as a strong competitor and possible substitute to Google, specially within eastern Europe countries.

As we always knew them, our fellow Russians like to work in deep silence, away of glowing media and camera flashes. And suddenly…BAM, the world wakes up on their freaking loud silence!

Let’s see if we can break into this siege of silence and leak some information about Yandex search engine algorithm, and the way our fellow Russians do things.  So, could you please let us know how you do things? не могли бы вы, пожалуйста, дайте нам знать, как вы это делаете?

the way i do it

Yandex Search Engine Algorithm & How to SEO for Yandex?

Besides the quality of website content, Yandex search engine algorithm seems to focus on user experience and behavior while trying to rank websites.

The source of website traffic is carefully analyzed to see how much of it is: search engine traffic, ad traffic, direct traffic, internal link traffic, external link traffic, mailing traffic or social media traffic. In this analysis, direct and social media traffics have the highest value, external link and ad traffics have the lowest. Social signal is heavily weighted in Yandex; websites receiving more visits from social media networks are ranked higher than others don’t.

The click and scroll behaviors of the website visitors are also analyzed besides their session times and bounce rates.

Yandex search engines algorithm seems also to give more attention to the personalization of search results. Based of-course on many factors like user location, language, cookies, bookmarks…etc

What Doesn’t Work With Yandex Search Engine Algorithm?

Like most search engines, Yandex doesn’t tolerate:

  • Unnatural links
  • Copied content
  • Over-optimized content
  • Excessive advertising

Way to go, Yandex! And thanks for keeping our golden rule untouched. Content is the King! Long live the king!

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