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Tips for Optimizing Linked-in For Business

optimize linkedin for businessLinked-in has incredibly grown over the last decade and become the number 1 network for recruiters, professionals, and businesses to connect and make business on the web.

With more than 275 million professionals from 200 countries and 77% of job vacancies posted on Linked-in, you indeed are missing on a lot of business if you are not active on Linked-in.

Linked-in is also offering paid advertising solutions that can easily open the gates for your business to reach millions of professionals world wide in a matter of minutes.

Below I will try helping you by giving some tips for optimizing Linked-in for business

– First you need to make your personal linked-in profile as comprehensive and consistent as possible and encourage your business colleagues to do the same with their personal Linked-in profiles.

– Create a company page for your business on Linked-in, try to make it as visually appealing and branded with your business as possible.

– Invite all your clients and business colleagues to follow your Linked-in company page.

– Choose some socially active business colleagues and make them administrators of your Linked-in company page.

– Publish daily statuses on your Linked-in business page, and synchronize content from your website.

– Publish information bout your products or services, career opportunities, announcements and offers on your Linked-in business page.

– Use a suitable mix of text, graphics, and videos for publishing on your Linked-in company page.

– Encourage your business colleagues to participate and interact with the statuses of your Linked-in company page.

If you would like to effectively optimize your Linked-in for business, reach me through my Linked-in profile for a quick help!

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