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to hate or not to hate

Google is planning to penalize over-optimized doorway pages to minimize their effect on the website ranking.

In short, Google will no longer allow doorway pages to rank higher in SERPs because they think they are not written for human, they are more for search engines and so they don’t add unique value.

What are Doorway Pages?

A doorway page, or a landing page, is a well optimized page that reflects high relevancy in content for a certain keyword. The aim of such page is to strengthen the overall website relevancy to that keyword and so rank higher under this keyword in SERPs.

Doorway pages are also used to capture subscribers and to maximize conversion rates with PPC advertising, check our effective landing page guide.

How to know if your doorway page subjected to this new penalty?

  • If your page is over-optimized for a single keyword
  • If it has very few text, less than 250 words
  • If the page is not accessible through regular website navigation
  • If it duplicates existing products information on your website

What to do to prevent Google from penalizing your doorway pages?

  • Start reviewing your website content, make that your regular habit to always renew your website content making sure it is unique, informative, and fun to read.
  • Stop writing for search engines and bots, write for your targeted human audience.
  • Write your pages in a reasonable amount of text not less than 250 words each.
  • Make sure every page of your website is unique and adding new information.
  • Make sure every page of your website is accessible through regular website navigation and exist in the sitemap.


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