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What if we wake up some day and watch the Google stock price falling from the edge of Wall Street? Couple of days later…BAM, no Google!

Can this really happen? How would we market our websites then? And how would SEO work?

Think with me for a minute; the search engine business model started before Google and will last after Google. The world has seen this happening before for big names in the industry during the Dot-com bubble burst back in the early years of 21st century! And it can happen again and again, as long as there are greedy companies seeking to monopolize the market and abuse the business model!

SEO Survival Guide For Google Bubble Burst

So what can you do when the Google bubble finally burst?

Once the Google bubble burst, people will automatically switch to the search engine next in the row. Bing, Yahoo, or even yandex.com or baidu.com…it doesn’t matter much, after all people got already addicted to the search engine business model.

SEO also will switch to follow the rules and algorithms of these search engines, which are luckily less sophisticated than Google’s.

But what exactly are the rules and algorithms of these other search engines? HAHA, good question! My answer is: You should break your own intellectual monopoly and start learning about other search engines from now! And my golden rule here is; No matter what the search engine is, content will always stay the king!


What else?

All other web resources, specially those people always underestimated, will step forward and comeback to life! Including, business and local directories, newsletter distribution, email marketing, banner exchange portals, classified ads websites, yellow/white pages…etc.

Social media websites, if still exist, will probably lead the scene and keep it green at this point. There are currently many signs indicating significant investments allocated for enhancing the search facilities inside the major social media websites. And you already know what to do with these, don’t you?

If not, take a look: Social Media Marketing Excellence

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