At Egypt Internet Marketing, our social media marketing services are focused on ensuring that your company is positioned towards making the best use of the two-way conversations which take place naturally on the various social media networks between you and your customers.

With our techniques, we are able to show you what people are saying about your company and where all this is taking place. We also can help you by highlighting the areas where you can join in these interactions in order to increase your brand’s awareness.

We have personalized interactive strategies that can be helpful in getting your company to successfully get increased targeted traffic.

So, what do we offer you in social media marketing?

  • social media marketingStrategies of social media marketing: Have you been tasked with handling an interactive marketing or social media budget? We can help you sort out this overwhelming activity professionally and successfully. You can count on us to assess your needs, prescribe specific actions and outline new opportunities for long term success in your business.
  • Implementation guidelines: If you have already decided on which way to go with social media marketing or require some help on this, we can help you to navigate in this seemingly complex project. With our help, we will ensure that your brand along with its integrity fits well within the main social media platforms to allow proper communication and development.
  • Social profile creation: To be successful in social media marketing, you will need to identify particular social networks that are popular within your company’s targeted audience. We will help you, creating, optimizing, and managing all nessesary social media profiles on different social media platforms in a way that will leverage the conversations and attract more visitors to your website.
  • Blog posting & synchronization: Without the correct blogging set up, your company will not be able to achieve the results you are hoping to achieve with social media marketing. We can help you with setting up an effective blogging platform that will give your company’s website increased amounts of targeted traffic.
  • Community monitoring: We can provide you and your in-house team with the monitoring information of the social media communities you are engaged with to enable you to track your brand’s popularity, reception and keywords in order to proactively respond to both negative and positive reviews.

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