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Understanding the Google Guide for hiring an SEO Expert

The Google Guide for hiring an SEO Expert; Understanding the Google Guide for hiring an SEO ExpertHiring an SEO Expert can be quite challenging, although it can improve your website visibility and increase your sales, if you made the wrong choice it might end up blowing your online business. For this reason Google has written a special Guide for helping anyone trying to hire an SEO expert.
In the beginning, Google is confirming that the main duty of any SEO consultant is to improve your website organic search results. Google is warning you against some of the most common –actually funny– SEO scams in which the SEO Company might fool the client by making his website on the top of all search results through paid search ads.

The importance of hiring an SEO Consultant is very obvious and clear in this guide, also the warnings against the scams and unethical SEO practices which gave the industry bad reputation. These practices may result in a very bad damage to the client website and the business reputation as well. Most of these unethical practices can be easily detected by Google which may result for the website to be penalized and removed from the search engine index.

Google is emphasizing a very important tip here, which is hiring the SEO Expert as early as possible, even if you are considering a website redesign, the SEO Consultant can insure your website is redesigned with SEO in mind and in a search engine friendly way.

Before you hire an SEO Expert, Google is recommending the following interview questions:

  • Whither Google Webmaster Guidelines are followed?
  • How to track the progress and measure the results?
  • How many years of experience does the SEO have?
  • What would be the best method of communication between you and the SEO Expert?
  • What are the most important SEO techniques utilized?
  • If they have references and examples of previous work?

You can easily spot SEO scammers during the interview stage by looking for the following hints:

  • They promise number 1 result or very fast successful results, within a week, or a month.
  • They promise submitting your website to thousands of directories and search engines.
  • They promise high instant traffic or higher Alexa ranking.
  • They don’t provide progress reports.
  • They don’t provide SEO plan.
  • They don’t have previous work examples.
  • RSS
  • Digg
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube

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