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When it comes to website styles, there are too many to list so for this article so we’ll discuss the most popular styles on the Internet today.

Since the invention of the World Wide Web in the nineties, the Internet has become a market place for anyone aspiring to make money on-line by building a website and selling a product or service.

After the Dot Com crash around 2000, Internet entrepreneurs have been reinventing themselves. The Internet still produces millionaires, just not at the same rate as the nineties.

These Internet pioneers have done so based on billions of dollars in sales that are generated each year by way of the Internet and there is no end in sight. If you have a product or service, the world is your oyster and you can also participate in the post dot com market. Websites are going up at rates too difficult to put an actual number on.

Beginners try their hand at building websites and often find themselves getting stuck with how to get a site up and running. The first step is to find the style of website that fits the product or service you offer. Once you have figured out the style of website you want to build, make sure the product or service you offer is something that is in demand.

Technically, you can turn any website into a site that generates sales if you understand the basic needs of consumers. The most popular reasons people buy products on the Internet are simple. They want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and sexy. Keep these motivating factors in mind as you build your profitable website.

Your website must satisfy the needs of consumers. This will require you do market research to see if your product or service is in demand. You can find out by searching the web to see how many people are already searching for what you’re selling. If the numbers are high, you have a good chance of experiencing success.

The big quest for information has opened up a plethora of websites that sell self help EBooks. EBooks can be found on just about any subject you can imagine. People have strong desires to consume information that will help them improve their lives.

The word Infopreneur is a play on the word entrepreneur. An Infopreneur style website has become popular due to authors selling eBooks on how to do things yourself.

eBay on-line stores were made popular when people found out they had merchandise stored in their garage that other people would pay money for; such as old bicycles, shoes, clothes and just about anything you can think of.

Affiliate marketing websites are extremely popular nowadays also. Major companies pay a percentage from sales of their product if the sale of the product was initiated from your website. There is an art to this type of website that must be studied before you try it.

A personal website is tougher to sell from depending on who you are. The famous Kardashian’s are able to sell products from their personal websites mostly because of their fame and notoriety.

Google AdSense websites have made a few website owners wealthy. AskTheBuilder.com is a good example of a successful Google AdSense website. This style of website must be about a popular product or subject and get tons of traffic.

Ecommerce websites can be lucrative and definitely provide a service for the public such as eBay, Walmart, Target and many others. Ecommerce websites usually have a multitude of products and a huge warehouse to store them.

Last but now least is the Review website style. This website model can also be lucrative because it provides a service in the form of sharing a personal experience you had with the product.

You love it so much that you write a review about it and share it with the world. You also highly recommend that consumers buy it based on your experience. Because you recommend the product and help facilitate the sale of it through your website, you get a percentage of the sale.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of website styles to look at. As you surf the net you’ll see hundreds more. As you look to decide on the type of website you want to build to make money, always keep the goals of the consumer in mind.

My Top Three Tips for Building a Successful Website.

1. Discover the style of website you want to build.
2. Understand consumers are driven to be happy, healthy, wealth and sexy.
3. Sell products and services that solve problems for consumers.

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