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Since I started working as an SEO, changes have never stopped. Google has always been trying to make it difficult for organic SEO to achieve success away of their paid advertising service. As you may know, Adwords (Google’s paid advertising service) is the number 1 revenue source for Google, and so the more people manage to achieve organic SEO success without using Adwords, the more Google loses money.

So What Does Google Really Want in 2015?

I am watching you
In Short, Google wants you to lose faith in organic SEO and to rely on its paid advertising service in order to maximize its revenue in 2015. And you know what, I believe this has always been the goal of Google through most of the passed years! After all the stock holders want to make money, actually more and more money!

You want a solid proof? Take a look on this table:

google adwords

According to Adwords’ Keyword Planner tool, Google is suggesting you pay him $171.37 per click if you wanted to market your services as an “injury lawyer in New York” through his pay per click advertising service. Yes $171.37 for one (single) click!

Link-building; another historic proof!

Link-building, has always been the main enemy for Google paid advertising, over the last 5 years Google made several updates to its algorithm that finally managed to minimize the effect of link-building to the minimum. Before that, you could simply rank any website to the first page under any keyword if you provide the needed amount of back-links. Now Google can easily detect any type of back-links and penalize the linked website for “search engine spam”. This may results in removing the website from Google index and it would be pain to try re-indexing the website again! There were many commercial names for these updates, including Penguin, Humming bird…etc, they were all for publicity.

The only link-building strategy that really works now, is the natural links, which means you don’t do your links yourself but other people link to you because of the quality of your content.

So What Do You Need To Do?

Quality content is the only thing Google could never (and will never) manage to change or minimize its effect on organic search results, and that’s why it has always been my secret key for success in SEO. Shhhh, keep the secret!

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