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We now realize the importance of learning about other search engines, before the Google Bubble burst, and before it is too late!

The second search engine in row is Bing, as far as I believe! The Microsoft powered search engine has recently shown a great deal of professionalism by revealing some in-depth information about the way its algorithm designed to rank websites. Thumbs up to our super hero!

thumbs up

So How Does Bing Search Engine Algorithm Rank Websites?

According to the info revealed, it seems that the website content quality is the focus of Bing search engine algorithm. Bing defines the content quality based on three elements: authority, utility, & presentation.

bing content qualityAuthority: Can we trust the website content? That’s how Bing defines the content authority. Bing algorithm looks for certain signs in order to verify the content authority, signs like:

  • If the content is fresh & unique
  • If it is over-optimized
  • If it has a well cited author
  • If it has references
  • And if it has strong social media signal

Utility: Bing search engine algorithm looks for the following signs in order to verify the content utility:

  • Any images used, are they unique?
  • Any videos used?
  • Any other multimedia forms?
  • How much text used?

Presentation: In order to verify the content presentation, Bing looks for the following signs:

  • Is the content easily accessible through regular website linking?
  • Is it well organized and easy to read?
  • Any Ads used? What types? How many?
  • How fast does the content load?
  • Is the content mobile friendly?

Learning about other search engines and the way they function will definitely help us improve our search engine optimization methods and strategies and promote healthy business environment. Thanks Bing!

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