conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

How many people of your website visitors actually contact you asking or inquiring about your goods or services in comparison to the total number of your website visitors? Have you ever thought about this ratio? …This ratio is called Conversion Rate.
In other words, Conversion Rate is the number of your actual business leads out of the total number of your website visitors.

How to increase your Conversion Rate?

By nature, not everyone visits your website actually contacts you to inquire about your goods or services. So how can you increase this ratio, and increase the number of actual business leads out of the total website visitors? Is there any practical steps that can be taken to increasing this ratio?

The answer is defiantly Yes…

The process is called Conversion Rate Optimization CRO

So how can we help you on it?

Market Research & Competition Analysis

Market Research and Competition Analysis aim to determine your target audience, who you are competing with, and what are their points of strength and weakness. This will provide a clear vision about what you need to do in order to penetrate the market efficiently.
Also you need to know what your prospective clients are looking for, and how. This will help you craft a more targeted message, and design your website towards their appeal.
Bear in mind that you need to review your market and competition research periodically, to keep up to the market changes and the latest trends in your prospective clients' behavior.
Also, you need to be careful not to quickly jump into changing everything around, that you might turn off some of your loyal customers specially those who don't like to change much.

Geo Targeting

If your products or services are designed to serve the audience of specific geographic location, you should consider gearing a portion of your site content towards this geographic location's audience. This process is called Geo Targeting, it aims to fine tune your website traffic and target prospective clients according to their location.

How to tell if I am experiencing low conversion rate?

If you site is having very high traffic with very few business leads, then you are experiencing very low conversion rate!

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