SEO Services

SEO Services

Due to the massive nature of the internet, there are many websites similar to your business out there whither doing business locally or internationally.
The challenge here is that the competition with those websites is decreasing your chance to make a profitable business online, specially when most of them are older than yours and already have their loyal customers.
The only way to get over this is to generate targeted traffic (interested visitors) to your website. There are several methods to achieve this, each method comes with it’s own challenges.
So what would you do?

The answer is: "hire an SEO Expert!"

At Egypt Internet Marketing, we take SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a step further towards a more inclusive concept that utilizes not only search engine optimization but also all other available internet marketing tools.
Our SEO service utilizes state-of-the-art Organic (ethical & spam free) techniques that aims to generate the highest targeted traffic possible to your site through:
  • Analyzing your current website performance
  • Market Research & Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Geo-targeting
  • Site-wide content & code optimization "on-page SEO"
  • Content generation and optimization "off-page SEO"
  • Link building on quality & related websites. "off-page SEO"
  • Increasing the website social signal through social bookmarking & micro blogging to top social media platforms
  • Maintaining website health and performance
  • Comprehensive monthly progress report.

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Just remember - SEO is a long term play!
You can't get tons of targeted traffic overnight. If you need instant traffic, you can consider use PPC advertising.