Time to Integrate TikTok in Your Marketing Strategy

How does the TikTok app work?

The application depends on creating video clips through the smartphone camera, in 2014 "Vine" a short video hosting service which specialized in recording and playing looping video clips by phone, spread very widely through social media. This was the first emerging stage of the idea in general, a Chinese company decided to take advantage of this idea and created a phone application that provides that type of video clips but directly through the camera application. They enriched it with several different features and also they added several models, which made it significantly distinct from the previous. It was initially launched under the name “musical.ly” then in 2017 the name of the App was converted to (TikTok) which means (sound vibration).
Time to Integrate TikTok in Your Marketing Strategy

TikTok and the unexpected rise!

Available in 150 countries, in 75 languages with over 500 million monthly active users worldwide
The most downloaded app in 2019 downloaded 738 Million times, TikTok surpassed all other powerful apps such as Instagram and Facebook
The users' age group from 18 to 30 years, 85% 16-24 years 56% males 445 females
Average times spent on app per user 52 mins/day, 90% of users use that app daily
A strong competitor to Instagram and Snapchat, 1 billion videos watched on TikTok in 2018

No longer for children only

TikTok has the largest user base of teenagers under the age of 30, it has about two thirds of users worldwide among all the popular social networks, but the recent growth of the app has made a number of adult users exist on the platform, and that should be an encouraging sign for brands and marketers to market on the platform.

Comedy spreads on the platform

Although music is the main tool of the TikTok app, "the platform is no longer limited to music-related content, the large number of users has turned the platform into a large group of comedy videos, which is one of the most watched videos on the application, and from a marketing point of view Humor can be useful when it comes to communicating with consumers on an emotional level.

Creativity features of the platform

Creating content has never been easy but thanks to the amazing video editing toolkit of TikTok. The app has removed all barriers that prevent people from expressing themselves effectively, and technical skills no longer determine the success of the content, unlike YouTube which requires many programs and skills to create video content. The easily produced video content appears to be the future of interactive media.

A window on youth culture

Reaching out to young people means taking the pace of change for marketers, and the TikTok platform can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with them so far. Simply, the actions of TikTokers today will become the predominant process in the weeks, months and years to come.

Can You Ignore TikTok in Your Marketing Strategy?

It is no longer possible to ignore the TikTok app in the marketing strategy of those who target the second millennial generation, teenagers and new youth, as the platform is attracting millions of them rapidly, while achieving a monthly growth of 237% and more importantly, there is a recent growth for the major age groups that exceed 30 years.

Luxury brands that work in the field of clothing, fashion, and products related to appearance, they need to be present on this application: Let's take a look at several important reasons that make creating attractive video content for TikTok the marketing solution for many luxury brands and companies that target young people:

Young Consumers Appeal to Luxury Brands

62% of $ 8 billion Gucci luxury brand sales came from consumers under the age of 35. Marketing experts have found that youth groups and second-millennials have a keen interest in famous brands and are buying their products no matter how high the prices are.

Young consumers may seem more impulsive and less knowledgeable about the true meaning of luxury, but the changing nature of luxury has driven this consumer base to the front. These young consumers are easily influenced by artists, celebrities, and influencers who wear luxury clothing and they always try to imitate them, thus the easiest way to reach them is to use TikTok.

Video is the key to spread right now

Marketing strategists have repeatedly preached that video content will be of great importance, and that it will be crucial in achieving sales and return on investment. It is understood that the TikTok App is built on short video content making, this makes it an ideal platform for luxury brands to create video content to reach a younger consumer base.

In this regard, we find Burberry, which "has become one of the first luxury brands to run paid campaigns on TikTok throughout the United States and the United Kingdom" uses video on various platforms including Instagram and Snapchat.

Bringing youth to brands

TikTok can bring brands youthful, and the Burberry case demonstrates that TikTok can bring new life to traditional retailers, in fact the mentioned brand has been renamed both young and exquisite, luxury and amusing. This transformation has brought it closer to its fan base of young people while creating an immersive experience for customers. Older brands or more dealing with older age groups can use this platform to resubmit and redefine themselves as friendly to the second millennial generation.

Its importance in local marketing

TikTok is important in local marketing, as few brands are fortunate enough to get the marketing budgets of Burberry or Gucci. The vast majority of luxury brands struggle to improve their marketing budgets while trying to become global. For SMEs struggling to move their products and services abroad due to their lack of multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, TikTok is an affordable marketing approach.

Multicultural Multilingual

TikTok has successfully mastered the art of translated video marketing, which has resulted in high engagement rates in countries like India, China and even in other emerging countries. The cultural marketing strategy of TikTok helps international brands spread their content in the country of choice while linking the retailer to local consumers.

Given the benefits of creating content on TikTok and the increasing popularity of this social video sharing app, more and more international luxury brands are beginning to overcome their current privacy, security and marketing concerns and are starting to try out the app. Since everyone is already on TikTok, brands are no longer able to ignore its use as a strategic marketing tool.