How to Integrate Influencers in Your Marketing Strategy?

In order to rapidly and effectively attract the attention of audiences who spend more time staring at their smart phones than at television screens, companies and brands should integrate influencers into their marketing strategy, by utilizing the ability of social media influencers to promote brand products and services and bring them to thousands or even millions of target audience.

How to Integrate Influencers in Your Marketing Strategy?

Why influencer marketing works?

As the number of TV viewers continues to decline, television ads become less effective, and therefore, creative marketers, advertising agencies, and public relations agencies who try to attract the audience’s attention online ask the same question:“ What is influencer marketing? ” Although marketing with the most important influencers on social media may seem like an indirect strategy to reach new and existing customers, the relationships between the influencers of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and bloggers with their followers ensure that the audience will not only see the product or service of the brand but will be driven to interact and buy based on the recommendations of the influencer.

In fact, if you've ever spent some time watching your favorite YouTube channels or hovering over the Instagram homepage photos of your favorite blogger, you've probably seen many influencer marketing campaigns.

According to a study by SocialChorus, advertising through digital influencers may have up to 16 times more interaction than other types of digital ads.

Another survey by Nielsen, showed that 90% of customers rely on recommendations of others to purchase a product, while only 33% say they are affected by ads.

Who are the influencers of social media? And why are they important?

Influencers are a group of creative people in communicating with large audiences of their followers on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube They can become strong advocates of brands through the process of building awareness, and providing their experiences about products or services to their audience. In a world where recommendations and suggestions are rapidly spreading among people on social media, those most popular on social media have become very valuable.

Influencers can have a huge impact on your business through their channels on social media, where they can write great blogs or make videos that mention your brand in its content. By incorporating your product/ service into their lifestyle, you are capturing leads of these influenced audiences who want to participate in this lifestyle!

Influencers make it easy to communicate with consumers in an original way by reaching a large amount of social media followers that respects the opinion of the influencer, and by tracking reach, impressions, click-through rates, interaction metrics and return on investment for influencer marketing campaigns, brands can also use influencers marketing to better understand customer needs and expectations.

How can you integrate influencers in your marketing strategy?

To effectively and rapidly capture the attention of target audience, and even target a specific layer of it, companies and brands can utilize influencer marketing campaigns as part of their comprehensive marketing strategy, through collaborating with influencers in a several ways that can increase potential customer subscriptions or increase sales, such as appearing as themes or advertisements for or liking the product, or posting content about the trademark, sharing experiences / reviews, embedded ads, funded content, or a mixture of the above formats.

Sharing blog articles, great YouTube videos, and Instagram creative posts to influencer audience allows the brand product or service to be incorporated into its content. By systematically integrating the brand into their lifestyle content, influencers create thousands or even millions of customers from the followers who are keen to emulate the influencers lifestyle, how he looks, what he always does, what he buys, and all the things he does.

How to choose the appropriate influencer?

The definition of your target audience is a crucial element is choosing the most appropriate influencer to your marketing campaign. By defining the characteristics of your target audience you will guarantee that your campaign will reach the maximum efficiency and originality, and you will be able to identify influencers who can have the greatest impact on this target audience.

Here is a list of factors to consider when choosing the right influencer for your camping:

  • Characteristics of their audience - Who is following them?
  • Access - How many followers do they have?
  • Size of Interactivity - How often their followers comment, share, and enjoy posts?
  • Experience - Do influencers have experience dealing with prior brands?
  • Posting frequency - How effective is the influencer on his network?
  • Past performance - How successful have their campaigns been in the past?
If you still ask yourself, "Can influencer marketing be useful to my brand?" It is possible that your brand lacks a valuable way to reach an active audience and to increase the return on your investment in marketing. To maintain your competitiveness in this growing digital field, you should take advantage of this effective marketing strategy, or risk and lose to more innovative and socially aware companies.