Social Media Followers' Number Vs. Engagement Rate

 The number of your social media followers will not matter much if non of them is engaging with your content. And non of your followers would engage with your content, if it doesn't interest them! That's why it is obviously easier to achieve a large number of social media followers than a good social media engagement rate.

Although the goal to increase social media engagement with followers requires a lot of work and effort to achieve, it is not impossible! With the right strategies, you will be able to achieve this goal easily for your brand's social media, no matter what industry you are in.

Social Media Followers' Number Vs. Engagement Rate

The importance of having a large number of followers

There are many factors that contribute to the success of brands in achieving their social media marketing goals. The presence of a large number of interested followers through social media platforms is a strong and fundamental factor in achieving many different goals that may not be apparent to the brand's owner at all.

For example, the larger the number of followers, the easier the opportunity to gain new followers without making any effort or following any strategy. As owning a brand with a large number of followers will express the popularity, strength and quality of this brand. Then more followers are attracted to this brand,  motivated to engage with it, and buy what it has to offer.

Also a large number of followers can increase the number of visitors to your website, thus increasing the visibility, sales rates, and profits.

With the growth of your followers, the horizons of thinking, planning and goals of your brand will also grow and any other aspect or factor revolving around it will also grow. For example with the increase of followers you will have a new opportunity to expand and grow the line of manufacturing and production of your products, as you expand your business to target a new segment of followers and gain them to become customers of your brand.

Increasing the number of followers leads to expanding the commercial vision of your business, which contributes in increasing customers and achieving more sales.

The importance of social media engagement with followers

Engagement with social media followers is no less important than growing the number of followers.

Why social media engagement rate is so important?

It proves the business image: Since you are marketing certain business image and standard for your brand, the first thing people look at as a proof of your claims is: the rate of customer engagement with your marketing message. Also how you communicate and engage back with your customers and target audience on social media. 

  • How customers comment, like, share your content
  • What type of feedback are you getting on your social media
  • How do you handle customer complaints
  • The testimonials and reviews you are getting and how you handle them, whither positive or negative.

It increases brand visibility: Naturally, if one of your customers expresses the satisfaction or dissatisfaction he gets of your brand on his social media, this will automatically reflect on the perception of all his social media friends and followers. And even if they would not form a comprehensive perception, at least they now know your brand's name and what it has to offer.

It boosts your social signal: The social signal is an algorithmic way of measuring your brand's popularity on social media platforms. Every social media platform has its own analytical features that can help you analyse the customer engagement rate with your content. These analytics are built on very sophisticated mathematical algorithms, that can also help social media platforms measure the importance and prioritize certain content based on the amount of engagement it gets. Which affects the visibility of your brand pages and content on the social media overall.

Google has also incorporated the "social signal" in many of its algorithm updates, to help better rank websites based on their social media popularity. The amount of engagement your content is getting on social media, reflects directly on your social signal and the visibility of your content on the social media platforms and also on the web in general.

As simple as this; you need a good combination between a large number of interested followers and a good engagement rate, in order to achieve success in your brand's social media marketing.


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